The BNFF club party lands in the halls of F-hoone at 23:00 on November 23, when the doors swing open to an eventful dance night.

In the wind of EV100 we take a peak into the depths of the DNA of Estonian film history and experience an extraordinary combination of Estonian cult-film images projected on the walls of F-hoone and vibrant club music. Perhaps Diana Ross whispers sensually into Prince Gabriel’s ear and Prince grabs Raja Teele into the reins of his playful beats? Only our carefully selected line-up might have an inkling of what’s really going to happen:

Kersten Kõrge – a true legend of nightlife and a gourmand of all kinds of things
Martin Jõela – a wizard of balmy beats
Triin Niinemets – a donor of positive energy
Hannaliisa Uusma & Inga Vatsk-Laasner – a duo ripping new portals into the fabrics of nightlife
Sharpen your wolf instincts, tie up your laces, and prepare yourself – the disco ball of energy will burn until the early hours of the morning.
Ticket at the door 8.- (cash).

The wolf pack is disguised by SAKU during the dark nights!