Opening Ceremony & Opening Film

The first pack meeting of this year’s Black Nights Film Festival commences on November 16 at the Alexela Concert Hall. One of the pearls of this year’s truly momentous event is freshly EMTA Drama School graduated director Ingmar Jõela’s choreographic spectacle, brought to life by the powerful music of Sander Mölder, braided visuals by Alyona Movko, and tasteful set design by Kaia Tungal. Henrik Kalmet is in charge of blowing additional warmth into the festive gathering.

The Bruno O'Ya Prize to a young Estonian actor will once again be presented.

The festival’s opening film ‘‘Awaken’’ will add a unique taste to the evening. The Estonian National Symphony Orchestra and chamber choir Voces Musicales along with Tallinn School of Music boys choir take care of the musical background of the film, lead by the author of the film’s music, composer Joseph Trapanese.  

‘’Awaken’’ is the director Tom Lowe’s magical depiction of the versatility of our planet, the richness of its cultures, and miraculous landscapes, using merely visual and vocal languages. The work feels like a visual meditation created in the spirit of ‘’Samsara’’ and ‘’Koyaanisquatsi’’ that in addition to the perceptible exotic miracles shows us frames of Estonia’s own Matsalu, Tädu’s fir tree, and the daughters of mother sward.

The ceremony is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. The opening ceremony will be live streamed by Tallinn TV.

The afterparty of the opening ceremony ‘’Disco Tallinn goes PÖFF’’ takes place next door, at NO99 cafe. The doors to the dance floor swing open at 23:00.