Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event Award Ceremony 2018
Young Tallints

By Mirjam Mikk, Young Tallints participant

The spirits were high at the Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event award ceremony recently held at Tallinn’s Theatre NO99, as the week-long series of Industry events and workshops drew to a close.

From 16 projects presented in the the Baltic Event Co-Production Market official selection, the best project and recipient of the Eurimages Co-Production Development Award was Aino Suni’s debut coming of age thriller A Girl’s Room (France, Finland), the story of an aspiring young rapper who’s captivation for her new step-sister turns into a power game. The project took home the biggest cash prize of 20 000 Euros with the jury highlighting “the quality of the director’s previous short films” and “strong personal vision” of the promising young director who later commented, “It’s always a struggle to start a new film and this award really helps us to get the film actually made and have the time and the money to develop it.”

The regional and international Works in Progress presented 18 projects this year, with this year’s Baltic View Award (2000 Euro) winner being Aurora by Miia Tervo (Finland), a romantic comedy about the unusual relationship between a nail-technician Aurora and an asylum seeker Darian. The film’s producer Max Malka was delighted saying, “It’s such an encouragement to know that you haven’t done all of this for nothing.”

The International Works in Progress Baltic View Award (2000 Euro) went to Sisters by Silje Salomonsen and Arild Østin Ommundsen (Norway). The film tells the story of two little girls who find themselves alone in the wilderness looking for help for their injured father. The producer Gary Cranner praised the Industry event saying “it is a fantastic meeting of Nordic, Baltic and European producers to keep in touch with the business”.

The Baltic Event Works in Progress Award (3000 Euro), for promotion and distribution in the Baltic States winner was Dogs Don’t Wear Pants by J-P Valkeapää (Finland, Latvia), a darkly humorous story about loss. One of the producers Helen Vinogradov called the award an “inspiration in the edit room”.

The Post Control Award (10 000 Euro) given for post production services went to Golden Voices by Evgeny Ruman (Israel). A dramedy about the voices of two Soviet film dubbing artists who, after immigrating to Israel, find themselves having to fight for their place in the society. One of the producers, Chilik Michaeli commented, that thanks to the award, “...the film is gonna get a push” and although having been in the business for 30 years, “...the workshop was very fruitful for his future as a producer”.
The Global Screen Award, the 5000 Euro cash prize for the second Script Pool Tallinn screenplay competition was provided by the leading international sales & distribution company Global Screen GmbH. Chosen from 5 projects, it went out to Radu Romaniuc “for the craft and cinematic vision in creating a fascinating modern-day noir” in his screenplay for the film Man Of Deeds (Romania) .

The Cannes Marché du Film Producers’ Network Award was given to two promising young producers Marianne Ostrat (Estonia) and Vladimer Chikhradze (Georgia).

The Screen International Best Pitch Award, went to Ramy Hamezan for the pitch of his film, The Oasis of Now (Finland) for “an original project that subverts the stereotype of the familiar refugee story”.

With more than 500 attendees, the Head of Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Marge Liiske, who exclusively talked to Young Tallints about this year’s event, felt the event had been “a huge success” with many “different co-production connections being formed” and noted that the project has been moving “towards developing projects and workshops for every film profession.” She also hopes the fruitful Industry event will bring more international film projects to shoot their film in Tallinn.