Black Nights Stars examines casting opportunities in film and TV
Young Tallints

By Dace Čaure, Young Tallints participant.

Black Nights Stars, a project for young actors from the Baltic Sea region, took place for the second time from 26th to 28th of November as part of the Black Nights Film Festival's Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event.

The concluding event was a panel discussion "Shifting Focus - from Film to TV". Its goal was to shed some light on the differences and similarities of the film and television industries and the possibilities for actors in both. Sharing their own experiences and opinions, the participants gave an insight in the reality of casting processes, exclusive contracts and the side of actors' work which one of the panelists, agent Georg Georgi, called "not fancy at all". They highlighted the business of television and the art of film, pointed out that the money that flows in the television industry also means the need for specific skill set as well as the ability to withstand pressure, but that at the same time it offers more stability and predictability.

The event also focused on the casting process, including "audition simulations", workshops, presentations, meetings and networking events.

Speaking to the Young Tallints, film consultant Claudia Landsberger, the discussion moderator, shared her feelings about the project's success:

"Work in such an intimate atmosphere brought out the vulnerability and the true selves of the participants. It really turned out to be something more than we could expect."

The panel included the former producer of Marvel Television Joseph White (SingularDTV, USA), Finnish actor and Vikings star Peter Franzén (who was a ‘surprise guest’ on the panel), casting directors Jeremy Zimmermann (Jeremy Zimmermann Casting, UK) and Anastasia Smekalova (international feature film productions, Russia/Germany), and agents Raakel Huikuri (Lisa Richards Nordic, Finland), Georg Georgi (Das Imperium Talent Agency, Germany) Robin Hudson (Olivia Bell Management, UK).