Kitchen Filled with Cinema

Kitchen Filled With Cinema - host film guests at your home table!

Film and cooking are united through many factors. Both are able to open doors to unseen worlds and stir vibrant emotions. Both film and cooking require a recipe that has been worked through in a thorough manner beforehand in order to work properly. Something can go wrong even with the most precise preparations. Rice can accidentally boil into an even mass when cooking, however, the same can also happen to a film. But unforeseen successes are also a wonderful part of blind experimentations in both fields.

‘’Kitchen Filled With Cinema’’ was created to show the behind the scenes magic of the kitchen side of filmmaking. The dark nights behold many renowned filmmakers, who long to understand the core of Estonia, be a part of a beautiful local Sunday meal, and share their insights on the film industry. If you would like to add some spice to your Sunday meal, prepare a mouthwatering lunch among family and friends and we will send a few foreign filmmakers for you to host (including directors, producers, actors, as well as composers). Get closely acquainted, talk about the art of film next to the steamed broccoli, and contemplate life. Where else, if not at the table, are new and exciting friendships formed, captivating conversations had, and sterling ideas formed.

‘’Kitchen Filled With Cinema’’ takes place on November 25.

To apply, we ask you to send descriptive photos of your home and the menu for lunch, along with the following information, to kodulounad@poff.ee

Language skills
Planned menu
Short description of hosts
Description of venue and photo

If interested, we ask you to send all the required information to kodulounad@poff.ee latest by November 19!