Ingmar Bergman in Fashion

The exhibition ‘’Ingmar Bergmann in Fashion’’ is brought to Tallinn in cooperation with the Embassy of Sweden. The exhibition introduces Bergmann as a trendsetter against his own will and explores his impact on the world of art and fashion of today through four of his films – ‘‘The Seventh Seal’’, ‘‘Persona’’, ‘‘Scenes from a Marriage’’ and ‘‘Fanny and Alexander’’. Although Bergmann did not put emphasis on the importance of costumes in his films and fashion was not of real interest to him (he preferred a simple and static style in his dressing), many fashion designers think of his films and personal style as a major source of inspiration.

The exhibition consists of photos, art and documentary films, texts, and quotes.

The exhibition is open from November 21-30 at the H&M Showroom in The Rotermann Quarter (Roseni 8).

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Bergmann, you can also find a nod to the true master of film from this year’s BNFF film schedule.