How to join?
There’s a new pack in town, a pack that embraces drama, horror, adventure and humour - all that while offering great discounts. We introduce the new PÖFF Wolf Pack, which You can join free of charge!
We still provide film experiences for everyone - exploding comedies, contrasting dramas, heartfelt love stories, colourful adventures, eye-opening documentaries, moving stories and discounts only for Wolf Pack members!

Join now, because wolf pack members are able to experience all these emotions and enjoy films with discounted tickets and joining is free of charge this time!

Creating a new account
Start from the web page poff.ee/register
Create the account with either Your Facebook or Google account clicking on the corresponding icon (1) OR fill out the registration form on the page and click on the button "Register" (2).

To enjoy the advantages of PÖFF Wolves You must confirm your e-mail address. To do that check the e-mail account You entered for confirmation and click on the "Activate account" button (3).

After clicking the button the PÖFF web page should open in a new window, where You will get the confirmation that your account has been activated.
After activation, You can log into the new account by pressing the "Log in" button (4) at the top right corner of the PÖFF web page. 

Enter Your chosen account e-mail and password into corresponding fields and press the "Log in" button (5).

When You are logged in then the personal information confirming view will open. Please check that all of Your entered data is correct and if needed change the information.

To join the Wolf Pack You must be at least 18 years old with active legal capacity or You must have the approval of Your parent or legal representative. As well You must have read the Terms and Conditions and accept them by ticking the corresponding box (6).

Subscribing to the newsletter is not obligatory, but by subscribing You will be the first to recieve notifications about PÖFF to Your e-mail.

If all of the personal information is checked and correct, press on the "Confirm" button in the bottom right corner of the form (7).

Choosing the Wolf Pack tier
Owner of a PÖFF account is able to choose between four different tiers of membership:
  • Wolf Pack (0 €)
  • Wolf Friend (25 €)
  • Wolf Pass (120 €)
  • Shorts Pass (39 €)

By joining You will automatically have the „Wolf Pack“ tier (the first red one on the image). It is possible to buy the Wolf Friend membership package (yellow), Wolf Pass (blue) or Shorts Pass (purple). Under every tier is a button "Read more" (8) which could be clicked to ascertain more information about a membership you are interested in. Before buying the selected tier read the Terms and Conditions and confirm that You have read them by checking the boxes at the bottom left of the page (9).

Thereafter, You can click the "Buy" button (10).

Choose a payment method of Your own liking (Bank Account or Bank Transfer) and You can start Your payment.

Paying with Bank Account the selected Wolf Pack tier will be automatically linked to You PÖFF user account.
Paying with Bank Transfer the Wolf Pack tier will be linked with the account only when the corresponding sum has been transferred to our account. NB! When paying with Bank Transfer do not forget to check the payment deadline and write the order number in the bank transfer explanation field. Please note, that it will take time for us to recieve the payment and process the data.
Applying the Discount Code
After choosing Your Wolf Pack Tier: In case You have a discount code or a gift code, enter it in the field "Discount Code" (11) and click "Confirm" button (12). NB! The code can only be used for the same tier that it was purchased for (for example if You buy a gift code for Wolf Friend then it cannot be used to get a Wolf Pass).

After that, the package price will change (13) and after accepting the conditions You can pay as described in the previous section. If You have a gift code then You don't need to make the payment as the amount is 0 EUR, but You still need to click the "Pay" button to connect the selected tier to Your account.

Gifting the Wolf Pack membership package
Gifting the Wolf Friend package is an excellent possibility to surprise a film fan. Gift code can be bought by all PÖFF Club members. To buy it You must start from the "Join the Wolf Pack" page, choose the Wolf Friend package and tick the "I wish to gift the selected Wolf pack status to another person and I would like to get a gift code." (14)

The gift code can be used only by members with accounts. So if You don't have an account yet You will need to register. After creating an account or later on the "Join the Wolf Pack" page You must follow the "Choosing the Wolf Pack tier" instructions and enter the gift code into the "Gift code" field.

Gift codes can be bought for other packages as well.