Award Ceremony

A festive conclusion of the annual film-fever and emotions recorded between the cinema walls is brought to you on December, 1, at 19:00 from Alexela Concert Hall. Stars from galaxies near and far gather on the black carpet to shine in the flickering flashes of cameras.

The culmination of the evening is the festive award ceremony of the 22nd Black Nights Film Festival, where the competition programmes’ best films are revealed and distinguished filmmakers awarded.

The emotions of the final evening are thrown further into the depths of the emotional spheres by Ingmar Jõela’s stage show, accompanied by the sweet soundtrack by Sander Mölder, Alyona Movko’s nuanced visual background, and the subtle set stage design by Kaia Tungal.

The evening is lead by our national treasure, a living film and theatre legend, Mait Malmsten.

Attention all armchair Wolves – set the remote at arms length bright and early. There is enough of the extravagant mood and beauty for the eye to also reach your homes, as Tallinn TV will live stream the award ceremony.

As the final moonbeam vanishes, so does BNFF hit the hay, to return even hungrier the following year.

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